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Honesty, Target, Team, Professional.

This is the core for our corporate culture!

Honesty is the most important basis for our company. Much more important than personal knowledge and working attitude. We must be reliable for our colleagues, for our clients, for our suppliers. To achieve these reliability, our honesty is key point.

Target is core for our business. With clear target we will can work more tightly and efficiently, make the whole factory running smoothly. Customers can know our developing route in advance and know where we are. For internal, staffs can make their own plan and work more inspired, Our suppliers can know how to support us.

Team work is our working way, is the base to achieve our target. Can make team members more enthusiasm for work and life. feel ourselves more powerful and helpful in the world. This encourage us to do more fast and much better.

Professional is our skill and working attitude. Workshop should know quality is important than output, R&D should know ideal is important than copy, Sales Department should know solution is important than quotationetc.

Profession is the pursuit of us.

What is our TARGET?

Our target is to offer perfect lighting solution for kinds of Cleanrooms, White Rooms, Sterile Rooms, Dust-free Rooms, Operate Roomsetc. let our lights to be less power, occupy less space, easy clean, stable lighting. To enjoy intelligent, healthy, environmental friendly lighting experience.