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Differences between different kinds of SMD LEDs

Issuing time:2016-09-28 17:43

Based on different shapes and sizes, there're many types of SMD LEDs in the market, most common models are 2835,3528,3020,3030,3535,3014,4014,5050 and 5060,5730.

Which LED is the brightest? The current and wattanges of each types ?

LED Chips.jpg

Below MSD LED Chart show you the comparison of each type:

SMD LEDs Chart.png

SMD LED Features

High Brightness

Based on the same power consumption, SMD LED produce the highest brightness among other typels of LED packages, such as COB, MCOB or high power LEDs. in other words, the light efficincy of SMD LED is the highest and best.

Better for Thermal Management

The SMD LED produce very little heat while has relatively high output lumen, because of it is driven by a low voltage and current. Unlike the high power LED or COB, which usually produce much more heat at just one point, it is difficult to conduct the heat, SMD LED can be placed separately among the light body, and can be designed as a light surface with many LEDs.

SMD LED performs better in therml management, in a result that the rate of light decay is much more lower and make the initial brightness (output lumen) stay in longer time.

Competitive Price

It is no doubt that SMD LED is much lower in price than COB or High Power LED, that's one of the important reason more and more light fixture adopt SMD type.

Wide Application

SMD LED have been a very important development for the LED industry because of the ability to put 3 diodes on the same chip. When a chip incudes a red, green and blue diode, you have a chip that can create any color you want by adjusting the level of output from each individual diode on the chip. Because they are very bright and can chane colors , these chips are used extensivel for all kinds o LED lights.

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