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Prospection of LED Lighting Markets in 2017

Issuing time:2017-03-24 14:00

According to the latest “2017 Global Lighting Market Outlook” report, 2016 LED lighting market reached 29.6 billion US dollars, 2017 LED lighting market will reach 33.1 billion US dollars, LED lighting penetration rate of 52%. Benefit from the regional lighting market development, 2016 Europe accounted for 23% of LED lighting, followed by North America and China. Looking ahead, the Asia-Pacific lighting market, the fastest growing.

LED Lighting Markets Trends

American lighting market

Strong dollar policy makes the United States a global demand for LED lighting products engine, the global production of the products have become relatively cheap. This trend is expected in 2016 still affect the US market. At the same time, in order to maintain industrial development, the United States is promoting the local assembly of LED lighting, will better meet the needs of local market segments, to expand the market size.

The major US manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, LED lighting products accounted for rising, and LED commercial lighting / engineering lighting demand is strong in the US market. Which in turn Troffer, flat-panel lights, tunnel lights, patio lights market demand for the fastest growing, and gradually began to intelligent and optical communications and other new applications development.

In addition, including four major commercial lighting markets, including plant lighting, medical surgical lighting, marine and port lighting and intelligent lighting, the market has gradually been concerned about. Plant lighting market benefits Medical marijuana cultivation lawful, and in Colorado, Washington state open entertainment marijuana, saw this wave of gold tide of entrepreneurs and lighting system manufacturers are gearing up.

Southeast Asia lighting market

Southeast Asia LED lighting is strong growth in recent years, the intensity of the replacement of traditional lighting has gradually strengthened. Although the economic environment in 2015 by the overall economic environment, the growth rate slowed, but the next few years, with the policy incentives and replacement demand growth, Southeast Asia LED lighting penetration and the scale of imports will continue to increase, Southeast Asia is gradually becoming the Chinese manufacturers Export LED lighting products, the main destination.

Australian lighting market

Australia has about 700-800 million households, the average household has 75 lamp holders, due to the early start out of incandescent, the current products mainly MR16 halogen and traditional ceiling-based. In the pursuit of energy-saving lighting requirements, LED lighting will have more opportunities. In recent years, the Australian lighting market, more and more filament lamp products in commercial lighting space, but also stimulate filament lamp lighting OEM orders in the Chinese market.

India lighting market

Indias LED industry has received strong support from the Government of India, the Government has issued a series of policies from various dimensions to support the development of the entire industry, the core of which is the Indian National Street Light Program (SLNP) and India efficient lighting program (DELP). In addition, in order to diversify into India, the Indian government to implement LED components imported zero tariff (basic tax), prompting LED products to semi-finished products into the Indian assembly, the development of the Indian market.

China Lighting Market

In 2016, China led lighting industry accounted more than 6 billion USD dollars, around 22.8% increase compared to 2015, which mainly benefit from domestic government policy support on forbidden on Incandescent lamp and new lighting areas developed on LED auto lamps, LED medical lamps as well as smart led lamps etc.

After recent years Industry reshuffle and with LED upstream materials price increasing, like LED chips, lots of Chinese led lights supplier were eliminated, in 2017, China led lights markets will become more rational, competition will be more focused on technology improvement, new lighting areas development.

2017 LED Products Trends

With more and more top brand car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc introduced LED lights to their cars, LED auto lamps will keep increasing in 2017.

With “Internet+” ideas promoted, smart led lights is becoming more and more popular, dimmable, lighting control or motion sensor LED lights are more widely used in street lighting, commerical public lighting etc. More mobile Apps will be developed to control led lamps more easily.

Besides, LED grow lights for vegetation will be promoted, as well as LED medical lamps used for hospital lighting, or more focused operation lighting etc.

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