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Anti-virus LED Germicidal Light for Cleanrooms

Issuing time:2018-03-11 15:35

Healthy is becoming a hot topic with recent years global temperature change. Well have to pay high attention on the daily-life environment, from Kinder garden to school, office and hospital etc. To keep high quality clean air on above places, BBF developed out the LED germicidal lights G02.

The LED germicidal light G02 combined lighting and air-purification functions together,with Nanometer materials air filters and special panel lighting guide.


With standard panel light size 598*598mm, it is easy to installation and can fit traditional ceiling grid for replacement directly.


Approved official institute test, it is identified to kill more than 20 kinds of virus, like H1N1, Enterovirus,Tubercle,White Candida,Salmonella and formaldehyde, TVOC etc.


For more details or test reports,please visit product page G02 or contact our sales directly.

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