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Practical personal defense measures for COVID-19

Issuing time:2020-03-13 20:10

With the COVID-19 outbreak globally, to help friends or customers better protect themselves and improve knowledge about the virus, we've had a internal meeting about personal skills sharing during the COVID-19 outbreak in China month ago.

Here summerize severals tips below for reference,

A: Fast self-test lungs:
        heavy breath, keep 5-10 seconds, then release(exhale) all air.
        during this period, no cough, means both lungs are ok.
        if there are any inflammation in lungs, heavy breath and keep the air will add lungs burden, it cause cough.

    B: How to kill 2019-nCov?
        1. ">56°C" + ">30 minutes". (also this is equal to 100°C 1.024 minutes, longer time is much safe.)
        2. 75% or above alcohol;
        3. disinfectant contains ‘cl’, such as NaClO.
        4. other ways from experts. :-)

    C: protecting area on body: mucosa and wound;
        1. mucosa is in mouth, nose and eyes. (in ears is skin, no mucosa),
        2. wound is in skin.

    D: protecting tools for outdoor: mask, goggles, and gloves as attached pic-1
        1. mask for mouth and nose,E
        2. goggles for eyes,
        3. gloves for hands.( the aim is till protecting mucosa, since hand will touch eyes, nose and mouth),
        4. washing hand with soap or clean hand by 75% alcohol is very important.

    E: protecting tools for indoor: NaClO or 75% alcohol (95% alcohol is not good for skin.)
         cannot put NaClO and Alcohol together, since Cl2 will be produced, this is poisonous air.
         don't spray alcohol for indoor, 75% alcohol's flash point is at 22°C, 100% alcohol's flash point is only 12.78°C.
         wipe with little quantity alcohol is safe way than spray.
    F: virus size: 0.1-10um (germs' size > virus' size)
        0.1um virus is very small, so it's easy for moving in air, moving distance can reach 1.7um.
        at 0.3um the virus is not so active, moving distance is more short.
        the fiber empty space in mask is also around 0.3um, so >0.3um virus are stopped directly by mask.
        in this way it's most hard to filter 0.3um virus. since 0.1um and 0.2um virus are moving, can hit and be attached by mask's fiber.
        so for mask, filter...etc, their efficiency's number are tested at 0.3um medium.
        N95/KN95 means 95% 0.3um medium can be stopped by the filter. not 100%.   :-))

    G: infecting transmission:
        1. droplet transmission: such as talking, cough, sneeze. max at 8m;
        2. contact transmission: normal within 2 hours without host, some special can survive 5 days without host;at lower temperature and wet place, it can survive longer time. so don't touch object in outdoor.
        3. aerosol transmission, it's from flying virus, don't drop on land, but fly in the air. it's most dangerous way;
it's not so danger for outdoor in open air, even there are virus in air, sometimes the virus concentration is not enough to affect human body.
it's more danger for indoor, such as elevator room, public shared rooms...etc, even there are no person inside, still need to wear mask,
maybe the former person's virus is still flying in the air.
    H: mask items:
        N95, N99, N100 (in fact is 99.97%);   *N = Non-oil
        R95, R99, R100 (ditto)                      *R = Resistant to Oil
        P95, P99,   P100 (ditto)                      *P = Oil protective
        to stop virus, choose medical mask. don't choose non-medical mask.
        medical mask is waterproof. pic-2/3/4 are medical mask.
        cotton mask is of no use, pic-5 is cotton mask.


but pay high attention on pic-4, there is a valve on the mask, it only protect the wearer.
since when the wearer exhale, the valve is open, no any filter between his mouth and the open air. The valve's function is to eliminate water and heat, so it's only comfortable for the wearer.
when in street, if everyone wears mask of pic4, means for you no person wears mask, they only wear for themselve. in this way the public air is very dirty.

Hope the above tips useful for you and hope the virus can pass over soon.

God bless us!

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